Wisdoms for
Contemporary Life

Transformative conversations and systemic solutions to inspire the possible and elevate humanity

- Our Three Tenents -


Living purposefully
Resilience and potential
Mindfulness and presence
Energy Management

Heart Centered Leadership

Inquiry and authenticity
Relationship and communication
Conscious business principles
Compassionate management


Clarity and direction
Authenticity and alignment
Wholeness and integration
Inspiring workplaces

Creating positive outcomes

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Transformative conversations shine a light on what’s possible and what may be holding people back from achieving their full potential and realising their vision.

We partner our clients on a journey of discovery: creating the space for possibilities and introducing new perspectives with the power to change their world. By turning these wisdoms into actions their influence goes further, having a positive transformational affect on the lives of those around them.

When people speak freely, listen, challenge and gain a fresh understanding of the issues from different perspectives it facilitates self-inquiry, connection with inner wisdom, discovery of new capabilities and the embodiment of new ways of being.

From being the catalyst and challenger to the quiet observer, we provide a safe environment for people to come together; where our focus is on getting individuals and companies the results they want while living their true purpose and values.

We work with individuals, teams and organisations to determine the overall health of their system when faced with critical business and leadership challenges.

These are typically powerful, inspiring human experiences, which allow for a fresh way of seeing the wider contexts – the whole – and in generating movement in seemingly intractable situations. They serve to connect our clients to their best future possibilities, and strengthen their ability to realise them for the benefit of all.

This process also helps leaders to see their business through a systemic lens, apply that lens to their own challenges, and reclaim their energy, purpose and wellbeing to lead productive and sustainable organisations.

Outcomes for Individuals and Teams


Self-awareness and self-mastery

Executive presence and authenticity

Enhanced leadership skills and style

Ability to self-manage and manage others

Shared ambition and renewed focus

Resilience and working with complexity

Building relationships of trust

Alignment and team cohesion

Rooted in values and purpose

Using intuition to sense future actions

- High Performing Leaders and Teams -




and values

Conscious Business Principles

Wisdoms for contemporary life

We are living in an era that requires us to become more responsible for our actions: to adapt to the changes around us and become more resilient to the many pressures and challenges of life. We need to be connected – not just by technology – through our relationships. We need new, inspired ways to live and work if we are to succeed and our future is to prosper.

Founding Wisdom blends systemic thinking, foundational wisdoms and experience-based learning to improve the performance, health and wellbeing of individuals and organisations.

Our work is based on a whole approach to enhance people’s depth of perception, clarity of values, richness of character and capacity for excellence.

We’re at our best working with people who are open to new ideas and approaches; who want to become exemplary leaders; who are looking for more sustainable and humanistic ways to realise their vision and improve their company’s agility, resilience and effectiveness.

Leadership is not just what happens inside of work, but outside of work as well

Raj Sisodia

Founding Wisdoms

Founding Wisdoms are the deep truths that we all hold inside ourselves. At our core is a belief that these ideas guide us intuitively to what is right. They help us connect with people and strengthen our sense of belonging, allowing us to become a collective force for good.

They provide a systemic framework for life; nurturing our emotional intelligence to be more mindful of our actions, embracing our creativity, increasing awareness of our physical health and wellbeing and give us the inner-strength to create a more positive and prosperous future.

We believe in:


Recognising the power of people's passions to live a life of meaning


Encouraging self-awareness to expand our capacity for compassion


Taking each step with clarity, purpose and care for the world around us


Embodying conscious business principles to elevate humanity